Viva Caribbean Media Group is a professional Audio Production, Video Production, Photo Studio and Marketing Business operating out of Antigua and Barbuda. 

We specialize in creating well produced, well executed and well polished Audio and Video Commercials, Infomercials, Documentaries, Music Videos, Web Sites, Photo Shoots, Musical Recordings for individuals and businesses. 


With our vase experience in film we are able to ensure that a high quality production to your budget is achieved. From your initial idea through completion we will handle each step of production through editing and polishing your commercial with professional Sound, Graphics and Music. 

Whether it’s a Wedding, Conference, Presentation, Music Videos or Live Event coverage, Viva Caribbean Media Group is ready to craft a quality production for you. Let us help in changing the way the world views your business. 

We produce high quality HD films such as:

• Cooperate Commercials

• Cooperate Infomercials

• Cooperate Presentations 

• Music Videos

• Documentaries

• Motion Graphics 

• Event Filming 

• Photo Shoot


With our in house Audio Recording Studio and Music Production Suite we are well capable of producing

• Radio Commercials

• Radio jingles

• Instrumentals

• Voiceovers

• Artist Album 

• Band Album 

• Professional Audio Mixing Services

• Professional Audio Mastering Services


With more than 840 million users on Social Media and Online outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, Viva Caribbean Media Group is uniquely positioned to provide powerful platforms that offers unlimited value towards the marketing and sales growth of your business.

Our online marketing services and packages are customized to ensure your business gets optimum visibility towards captivating your audience to turn that traffic into sales!

Services offered: 

• Facebook Page Development and Marketing

• Twitter Page Development and Marketing

• Blackberry Messenger Marketing

• Email Marketing Campaigns 


If you need a website for your business you’ve come to the right place. Here is an example of why. You may want to establish a website for your business and want to have original music and video media on that website. It is much more economical to have everything done professionally all in one place. With our product you cannot go wrong.

Note: We do not yet specialize in merchant websites.