Item  Day/Hour Rate Details
 DJI Inspire 1  800.00 / 300.00

The Inspire one is the perfect choice for professional videography work. If you're looking for that shot that requires high 4K resolution this is for you. This rental comes with Duel operation, the pilot and camera operator.

Very capable to shoot indoors. Upgraded Camera coming soon

 DJI Phantom 3  500.00 / 250.00

The Phantom is perfect for small projects with wide open spaces. This craft however does not support duel operation. Perfect for real estate projects, nature shots, weddings, basic music videos and more. Video resolution is 4K so you can maintain a high quality for post projection.


Indoor shooting is possible

Field Monitor

 80.00 / 40.00  Seeing what you're filming in HD on a 7" monitor is vital. This screen gives you a great view of what you're shooting and also assists with focus. There is a HDMI port that works well with Canon EOS cameras and other cameras with HDMI out.

All Prices are in US Dollars