BIO of Kelvin Christopher

Meet Kelvin Christopher, Founder and CEO of VCMG (Viva Caribbean Media Group)

1984 was the year that Kelvin Christopher was born on the beautiful Caribbean island of Antigua. At the age of 9 his family migrated to the neighboring island, St. Kitts. As a child Kelvin Christopher was always fascinated by the arts. Music has always been a part of his family heritage stemming from his Grandfather to his Father and now unto himself. During the period 1994 - 2000, Kelvin attended music classes. There the foundation was laid for his knowledge of practical and theoretical music. With this foundation he started to experiment with production programs such as Making Waves and Reason. Once he got a hang of making music he began to do small time recording with aspiring artists, using a simple computer, microphone and headphone.

After high school he attended College where he studied Information Technology. With these skills he started his first job as a Computer Repair technician at a Local technology company. While working there he realized that something was missing. This was not what he envisioned himself doing for the rest of his life. With the ongoing interest in the Arts he obtained a job as a graphic designer in a local print shop, where he learned skills of how to develop film and preparing artwork for Press printing. While doing this Kelvin aspired to starting his own online website. He used this site to expose local talents such as artists, dancers to name a few. This website was dubbed SKN Entertainment. To his surprise this became a big hit on the island as no one else was providing a medium solely for local talents. After realizing the difference he was making in the lives of others he decided to expand by building a fully operational music studio to help upcoming artist while using his website to expose them.

The effort he made to expose artists was just a tip of the iceberg. There was a bigger problem that he faced while trying to accomplish his goal. That was a lack of radio airplay. The radio stations would not play local music, especially ones he produced. Therefore Kelvin quit his job at the printers and applied for a position as radio host at local station in St. Kitts, Radio One 94.1FM. Once again another talent was unveiled as many discovered that in his possession was a golden voice. As he did his radio shows he got hundreds of request to voice radio commercials for local companies. While he established this new found talent Kelvin Christopher was not about to put behind his dream of helping to expose upcoming Artistes to the world of entertainment through the use of music videos. This is where he got an investment loan to officially start his company SKN Entertainment and purchased Audio and Video equipment enabling the production some of St. Kitts’ best music video productions. He realized that his life had more meaning to it than he ever expected. With the equipment he started to record HD TV shows to his website SKN Entertainment and also producing commercials for major local companies.

In 2012 Kelvin Christopher and the SKN Entertainment team landed a contract to produce a Tourism Channel in Antigua and Barbuda. It was at this point he saw and grasped the opportunity to create Viva Caribbean Media Group (VCMG) which he registered in his home land of Antigua. Since the inception of VCMG a number of partnerships were entered into with entities including the regional powerhouse Tempo Networks. Between the years 2013 – 2015, Kelvin (VCMG) created a number of TV shows, commercials, music videos, documentaries, events and more. In 2013 he purchased an Aerial Drone, which was actually the first of its kind in Antigua. With this came the ability to target the real estate and marine market. In 2015 VCMG purchased a second Drone which was more advanced enabling the capture of videos in UHD 4k. Since then Kelvin Christopher and his team has been travelled to Trinidad capturing the beauty from above. In 2015 Kelvin Christopher directed 7 music videos, 4 documentaries and 20 commercials. He also worked on projects for other local and international Directors namely, Jus Buss, Russell Santos, Run Elliot, Ivan Berry just to name a few.

In the mind of Kelvin Christopher the sky is the limit and there is never a point when he will call it quits. He is a strong minded determined individual, easy going but strong in his beliefs. Kelvin Christopher is truly a one of a kind Director who will produce nothing less than the best.

Kelvin Christopher may be reached at Tel: # 1-268-722-7298 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.